Client Budget:

$1k per month


6 months – continue


Managed SEO, Local SEO, Guest Post Service


Inside the scope of this case study, we will discuss how we were successful in achieving HUGE results within the legal industry. Particularly, we concentrate on how we were able to:

This organization, which is based in India, saw a big drop in its website traffic after a recent change by Google, which prompted them to get in touch with us and ask for our assistance.

We were able to reverse the trend of their traffic going down with the assistance of our managed SEO strategy, and then we were able to boost it by a factor of 300 percent.

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Traffic Increased

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Top 10 Ranking Keywords

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An Examination Of The SEO Checkup

Because the website is still relatively new, it has not been subject to any fines in the past.

Even though we observed that it had some powerful anchor texts that made up 7% of the profile, we were positive that we owned the financial resources sufficient to broaden our approach. This was the case even though we noted that it had some of the phrases in the previous sentence.

Research on the Keywords Used in the Phrase “Easy Wins”

We discovered over 150 potential “Easy Wins” keywords, each of which ranks in places lower than 50 and has a monthly search volume ranging from 300 to 7,000 times more traffic than average.

Because these keywords already had positions that were pretty near to the top, we knew that focusing our efforts on them would lead to quite quick increases in the volume of traffic they received.

This study’s objective is to provide us with information that will aid us in discovering keywords for which your competitors currently rank, but for which you do not. Using these keywords is an excellent way to get a wide range of fresh ideas for articles.

At the outset, we concluded that this website did not target over a thousand and more of the keywords that its competitors were targeting.

Throughout this campaign, we focused on each of the following three unique types of content by employing a range of different strategies:

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Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Pages Classified As Being In

These are broad keywords that have high search traffic and discuss a subject in a manner that is more general.

Pages Specifically Dedicated to Product Evaluations

We were able to discover the major brand and product words that require further examination on our side by doing a content gap analysis. This allowed us to identify the content gaps in our knowledge base. We took advantage of the circumstance to produce a significant volume of content, the future publication of which would lead to financial gain.

Supporting Material

We didn’t start working on providing supporting content for keywords with a high degree of competition until much later in the campaign after we had already finished creating a big number of basic content, and after we had ended the campaign.

To build ranks, we may support a vast, wider category keyword with culturally articles that are all related to the high competition keyword article. This would help us rank. Most of these locations specialised to a certain person or condition.

The Execution Of The Search Engine Optimization Campaign

For almost all of our initiatives, we create a broad variety of high-quality links and content; this is the cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO).

Depending on how far along the campaign we are, we either invest more money in developing more content or in links of a higher quality and/or larger power. Both of these options have the potential to bring in more customers.

This endeavour initially consisted of a wide variety of components, some of which were diversity links, guest articles, and content, among other things.


The accomplishment of the goals set for this campaign, as well as the successful execution of those goals, and the upbeat contact with the client at every stage of the process contributed significantly to that success.

This website has become a major competitor in the industry in a little under a year, and it ranks for some of the keywords that are the most challenging to rank for.

It is estimated that the site’s traffic is currently worth 351,000 USD each month at the present rate:

It has a ranking for more than 25,000 different keywords, and its traffic graph has been steadily increasing over the past year:


This was an amazing campaign for us but not just because of the work that was done, but also how closely we were able to work with the client.

The client put trust in us to follow the process but also worked closely with our team to identify high targets to focus in on as the campaign progressed.

In addition, because of the larger spend level, our team was able to prepare an additional analysis of competitors, which gave the client insights that helped beyond just the search portion of this campaign and influenced business decisions.

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