Client Budget:

$2k per month


18 Months – continue


Managed Search Engine Optimization, Writing of Blog Posts, Guest Blogging Services


Our client is a vehicle broker situated in the United Kingdom that specializes in providing consumers with affordable new car bargains while ensuring that they get the best new car deal available. Our client is well-equipped to handle part swaps and has the necessary knowledge to tailor the automobile leasing package to the specific requirements of each of its customers. Our client also has a lot of experience in this area. Contract hire, personal contract hire, personal contract purchase, and standard hire buy are the various payment plans for brand-new vehicles, and they all come with affordable pricing.


Traffic Increased

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Top 10 Ranking Keywords

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First Things First – The Search Engine Optimization Audit

When we acquire a new client site, the very first thing that we do is audit its SEO history.

Because of the change that Google made to its core algorithm in May, this customer was seeing a big decline in their ranks.

The rankings of this website took a hit as a result of it having pages that were thin and duplicate and included very little to no content, as well as a high bounce rate.

Because the majority of the pages on their websites often merely show inventory pages, auto dealers frequently have issues of this nature. That, in turn, indicates that there is a substantial potential to regain the lost traffic.

They had first begun utilizing our link-building services on an a la carte basis, during which time they had noticed a little increase in traffic; thus, they decided to enroll in our managed SEO program a few months later.

Concentrating on Boosting the Rankings and Traffic of Already Existing Pages with Simple Wins

Improving the traffic that is already going to our pages is one of the first things that we look into.

It is not unusual to discover that a great number of websites are very near to ranking and receiving traffic, but that they just are not in the top rankings yet.

To do this, we execute our easy wins analysis, which involves searching for phrases that the website ranks well for using the following metrics:

  • Positions 4-30 with
  • KD equal to or less than 30
  • Minimum CPC .01

In this manner, we can locate sites and keywords that are close to ranking and have room for easy improvement. These pages and keywords may be targeted.

On this website, we discovered 460 prospective targets, most of which were located at the bottom of pages 1 through 3, and their CPC ranged from $0.30 to $2.50.

These searches and URLs generally led to product pages that detailed the various automobiles that were offered for sale. The competition for the keywords is minimal, and as a result, we should be able to capitalize on them to rapidly grow traffic.

Need some assistance finding the appropriate keywords? A free Google SEO Ranking Checker is available here on our site.

Analysis of the Competitive Gap

The following step that we do is to investigate the keywords that your rivals are targeting but that you are not yet, and then we concentrate on generating content to take advantage of the chances that we find.

In terms of the content gap study, the automobile sector is a little bit different from the others.

You may regularly come across phrases that are useless and not worth addressing while you are conducting an analysis of the competitive gap in this area of the industry (i.e – specific car models, geo-targeted keywords, etc.)

Because the majority of the leading competitor websites in this category had a limited amount of material, we were able to easily pinpoint the simple victories and build extensive blog content around them.

Combining the creation of high-quality links with the production of strategic content was something we accomplished each month.

Kajal Singh

Marketing Consultant Expert

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SEO Results

We targeted this website’s high traffic and money keywords, and as a result, several of those terms are now on page 1 of Google. While we are still working on the project, the following are the most crucial keywords that are presently all ranking on page 1:


This was an amazing campaign for us but not just because of the work that was done, but also how closely we were able to work with the client.

The client put trust in us to follow the process but also worked closely with our team to identify high targets to focus in on as the campaign progressed.

In addition, because of the larger spend level, our team was able to prepare an additional analysis of competitors, which gave the client insights that helped beyond just the search portion of this campaign and influenced business decisions.

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