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Open 100s of URLs in one go! It is frustrating to open a list of URLs one by one. We know you don’t have time for that, so we created URL Opener! With a few clicks, all the URLs in your clipboard will open in new tabs. It’s super simple and easy to use. Try it now!

Note: Select always allow popups option in your browser to open multiple urls.

How to use our BULK Website Opener tool

Get started with our bulk domain operner checker tool by following these steps:


Enter the URLS you want to check – you can look up a single URL or multiple URLS


Click “Check” and make sure you enable the pop-up


Quick load 100+ of websites in one go

Once you complete these steps, your results will load, and save your time opening them one by one

Free URLs Opener, The Fastest ONE

URL Opener – Multiple URL Opener

A URL bulk opening lets you open multiple URLs with a single click. To increase productivity and quickly explore several links, our URL opener works on the most well-known browsers and lets you finish your work without wasting any time.

Why Use A URL Opener?

Whether you are looking to increase productivity, research multiple sources at once, or simply have a batch of URLs you need to work through, a URL bulk opener eliminates the copy and paste process while efficiently opening your links. Anyone can use URL openers, but those who find it most effective are students, sales associates, data researchers, and data mining experts. Our URL opener helps you finish your work faster so you can get on with your day!

How To Open Multiple URL

The process is simple! First, copy the URLs you need to open. Feel free to add as many URLs as you want. Then, click open links. Now, watch as each link opens simultaneously and begin exploring your URLs. Remember, opening more than 15-20 links at one time can cause your computer to operate slower. This can be different for each browser and device. You can use several different formats when entering URLs, including:

Feel free to use multiple formats in one batch – they will all open as intended. Regardless of the format and how many different formats you use in a single batch, our URL opener will correctly open each of your links.

Frequently Asked Questions About URL Bulk Opener

Our URL opener is a convenient tool that helps you boost your productivity. Many professionals researching SEO, lists, and other elements use URL openers to increase productivity and efficiency.

Which Internet Browsers Support Multiple URL Openers?

Most internet browsers will allow you to use a URL opener tool. The most popular browsers supporting this platform include:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge

If you find that using a URL opener slows down your processing speed, it typically results from opening too many URLs at one time. Each system may react differently. So, if your computer slows down after opening multiple links, consider opening fewer URLs at one time. If you open too many at once, your system’s power may become overextended.

Your personal information is completely secure when using a URL opener. However, a URL bulk opener is only as secure as the links it opens. As always, practice good security by ensuring you trust the links you want to open and anyone who may have provided your list. If you doubt the safety of a particular link, it is always best to eliminate it from your batch.

If one or more of the links you entered are not showing up, it may be the result of a limit activated by your browser or a pop-up blocker. Turning off your pop-up blocker will usually fix the problem. However, a faulty link may also be the cause.

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