Refund Policy

We request you to kindly read and understand our refund policy fully before placing your work order. It is also important for our existing clients to be aware of our refund policy, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or conflict.

Refund and Cancellation 

We at ACG Digital Marketing believe in offering complete transparency to our valued clients. Even though we always try our best to meet the diverse requirements of our clients there could be a few instances where we might fail to hit the mark. Our refund policy makes it possible for you to get your money back without any hassles whatsoever. 


Refund and Cancellation – Terms and Conditions 

  • Your refund request will be processed ONLY if you make the cancellation or refund claim within 12 hours of receiving the report by email.
  • If you have signed up for a long-term service package with ACG Digital Marketing, you will need to inform us about the cancellation of renewal at least 10 days before the renewal date, or 10 days before the start date of the upcoming billing cycle.
  • You will be entitled to make payment for any services you signup with us, even if you don’t use them.


Refund policy 

SEO and guest posting industry keeps evolving all the time, which is why ACG Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd cannot possibly make guarantees on traffic and rankings of your web pages. We hereby declare that we are not liable to refund claims that are based on such variables. However, clients working with us on long-term service packages will be able to make cancellation requests for the next billing cycle, after renewing the performance of the current month. 


Refund Policy for Guest Posting: 

SEO backlinks are commonly marketed as permanent links in the industry. However, it depends on the discretion of bloggers or website owners to retain those contents and links. They might remove links for various reasons like the expiration of the domain, a penalty from Google, website upgrade, etc. 


We at ACG Digital Marketing still offer a 6-months guarantee of all the links we provide. If you find any broken links, or if the page does not exist, kindly inform us immediately. We will promptly provide you with a replacement link on the website or blog of the same domain authority.


Contact Us 

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss more on refund policy, or if you feel that we are not following any of the above-mentioned terms.