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We are a dental SEO firm that uses tried-and-true optimization techniques to maintain your company’s presence on search engines, where patients actively search for dentists.

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SEO For Dentist Is As Essential As Wearing A Gloves

Here are some remarkable facts that support our ostensibly straightforward claims:


A study reveals that organic search generates 53% of all website traffic.


Nearly 80% of online US adults search for dental services on their phones.

Typically, search traffic conversions are ten times higher.


71% of patients would rather read reviews than rely on a dentist’s opinion.


The top five organic search terms account for 86% of all clicks.


Approximately 61% of dentists presently use SEO to improve their search engine rankings.


Affordable Dental SEO Packages

Affordability with us is never an issue! We’ve created various packages that are strategically designed to be easily affordable for all of our customers.

Local Basic

$599Per Month
+ 1 Time Set Up Fee ($150)

Advanced Strategy, no number of keyword limit

  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Google Business Profile Optimization

  • Managing Online Reviews

  • Competitive Gap Analysis

  • Website Onpage SEO


  • Google Schema Setup/Testing

  • Improving Website Speed (Add-on)

  • High Quality, Diverse Link Building

  • Monthly Reporting

  • $599 Worth of Deliverables

  • (Link Building + Content)

Local Intermediate

$1200Per Month
+ 1 Time Set Up Fee ($200)

Advanced Strategy, no number of keyword limit

  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Managing Online Reviews

  • Competitive Gap Analysis

  • Website Onpage SEO


  • Google Schema Setup/Testing

  • Improving Website Speed (Add-on)

  • High Quality, Diverse Link Building

  • Monthly Reporting

  • $1200 Worth of Deliverables

  • (Link Building + Content)

Local High-Level

$2500Per Month
+1 Time Set Up Fee ($250)

Advanced Strategy, no number of keyword limit

  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Managing Online Reviews

  • Competitive Gap Analysis

  • Website Onpage SEO


  • Google Schema Setup/Testing

  • Improving Website Speed (Add-on)

  • High Quality, Diverse Link Building

  • Monthly Reporting

  • $2500 Worth of Deliverables

  • (Link Building + Content)

Dental SEO Solutions For A Changing Field

General dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and other specialists in the dental industry have seen remarkable transformations over the past several decades. The days of a small, local medical business that services many generations of the same family are numbered.

Reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google+ can influence a potential patient’s perception, but so can other online marketing elements, such as a website’s ranking and user experience.

Dental SEO services are essential to remaining competitive, and ACG is here to help. We can help you establish partnerships with new markets to grow the number of devoted clients your firm serves.

We provide data-driven SEO strategies and individualized SEO price packages that can propel your company to the top of the first page. These are some of the services that can help your practice to succeed:

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Drive Leads and Sales with ACG Digital Marketing

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone


Dental SEO services will position your website directly in front of patients in the market, ahead of the competition.

95% of patients pick a dental office that appears on the first page of Google’s search results. The higher you rank on search engine result pages, the more patients you will reach and the newer appointments you will receive.


More Patients With A Low Acquisition Price!

95% of patients who search online for dentists click on the organic results. Dental SEO marketing places your website on the top page of Google, which generates organic traffic at cheap fixed expenses. The return on investment for dental SEO services is $2.80 for every dollar spent.


Do You Want To Get More Local Patients?

Patients prefer to visit dentists located within 5 miles of their homes. To appear on the Google local dental search results page, you must have an optimized Google My Business profile and a high position in the Google Local 3-pack.

With our knowledge and expertise as a dental SEO business, we ensure that your dental office receives maximum exposure on Google’s local search results and that patients in your area can locate your clinic easily.


A well-optimized dental website converts more searches into new patients.

Website optimization is the foundation of your dental website’s SEO strategy and has a direct influence on the number of new patients your clinic acquires. It keeps the visitors’ initial curiosity, boosts users’ engagement and encourages them to book appointments with your dentists.

Your website’s bounce rate will rise and your marketing spend will be wasted if it is not optimized.


Enhance Foot Traffic Via Google My Business and Google Map Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) and Google Maps are vital components of any Google SEO campaign. By optimizing your Google My Business and integrating Google Maps marketing into your dental SEO marketing plan, our local SEO professionals will help your practice rise to the top of Google’s local search results and increase foot traffic to your dentist clinic.

Our Dental Search Engine Optimisation Process

With Our Dental SEO Expertise, You Can Claim Your Spot At The Top Of The SERPS

SEO services for dentists are always improving, and each dental office needs a customized search engine optimization strategy. As a reputable Dental SEO business, our professionals build and tailor tactics that meet our customers’ needs and change over time.

The Auditing

Our dental SEO business uses market research and audits to develop an appropriate plan to complement your goals, boost the efficacy of our SEO services for dentists and gain new patients for your clinic.

SEO Techniques

Our SEO approach will serve as a road map for getting your dental practice seen at the top of search engine result pages by your local community and potential patients.

Keyword Research

With careful keyword preparation, your practice may appear on the first page of search results for those who are actively seeking the services you provide.

Website Enhancement

We optimize your dental website by considering the most recent SEO regulations to ensure that your dental website ranks well on SERPs and that your potential patients have a pleasant and informative experience while visiting your website.

Website Improvement

To supplement our on-page optimization procedure and eventually improve your Google SEO results, our dental SEO service employs sophisticated off-page SEO methods such as directing high-quality links to your site, optimizing brand mentions, guest blog posting, social bookmarking and so on.

Examine + Report

SEO analysis and report systems must be implemented for your practice SEO planning to acquire traction. We constantly study SEO parameters and rivals to provide powerful dental SEO services that will help your dental business outlive the competition.

Dental SEO FAQs

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the online exposure and rankings of a website through organic means. On-page and off-page SEO techniques collaborate to get good SERP ranks. SEO is vital since most prospective patients conduct internet research and do not look beyond the first page of search engine results. Contact our dental SEO service to appear before prospective patients who input pertinent search phrases.

Any SEO service that guarantees results within a month is engaging in unethical business practices, partly because they are likely lying or defrauding you directly, and partly because they are likely in violation of Google’s standards. While certain techniques may appear to be effective, they will result in your website being punished and search engines deindexing them. Google continually modifies its algorithm’s ranking variables to deter black-hat marketing strategies. At ACG, we adhere to Google’s recommended procedures. This implies that our dental marketing tactics are built on offering your clients the greatest possible user experience. Our time-tested strategy for web design, content generation, conversion rate optimization, and link building has survived the test of time. We are entirely committed to the success of your practice, and we never cut corners.

SEO for dentistry clinics may yield benefits in four to six months. After studying and optimizing the website for two to three months, it will take a further one to two months for you to notice the improved traffic and conversions.

Dental SEO marketing is a continual process that includes regular evaluation, content generation, and website maintenance.

Constant attempts to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms and measurements are necessary for achieving a high SEO score. Here is how we can help you to get a good grade:

  • Find the appropriate keywords and incorporate them in the correct proportion throughout the website.
  • Develop engaging content.
  • Create a solid link profile.
  • enhancing the user experience.
  • Responsive design to accommodate any display size.

Partner with our dental SEO firm for a greater local presence in search results.

The ideal dental SEO business is one with a history of accomplishment. Here are a few suggestions for selecting the finest company:

  • Check internet reviews of the business.
  • Ensure the agency only uses ethical SEO techniques.
  • Confirm that they can provide bespoke tactics for your dental office.
  • Verify if they have collaborated with dentists in the past. Inquire about the results you may anticipate after you have used their SEO services.

Call us now to promote your practice to prospective patients!

Yes, we can aid you in rectifying your internet reputation.

Most online visitors examine a business’s evaluations to establish its trustworthiness and credibility. Reviews give context for potential clients on the services your practice offers. It is therefore essential to manage your internet reputation. A plan will be devised to discover how to protect against these reviews, their type and their source. Our team will employ search engine optimization strategies to achieve this goal. Our ultimate objective is to remove the unfavourable evaluations of your clinic from public view. Please inform us whether this is anything you will need.

Any SEO agency who claims that they can guarantee results in a month is participating in unethical business practices- partially because they’re likely lying or cheating you directly, and partially because they’re likely violating Google’s policies. While there are strategies that may appear to work, those same strategies will ultimately get your website penalized and deindexed from the search engine listings.In order to discourage black hat marketing efforts, Google constantly changes its algorithm ranking factors. At Coalition Technologies, we make sure to meet the best practices set by Google. This means that our dentistry marketing strategies are based on providing the best user experience for your clients. Our tried and true approach to web design, content creation, conversion rate optimization, and link building has stood the test of time. We are fully invested in the success of your practice and we don’t take any shortcuts.

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