WhatsApp and Telegram have changed how we communicate in the digital age. These platforms have made our lives easier, but they have also created new crooks. ACG Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. wants to create awareness about recruiting frauds utilising our firm name. Please note that we do not endorse such acts and are dedicated to safeguarding our job seekers from such deception.

We have received several reports and complaints from people who were approached by scammers pretending a part of our company using fake ID cards and even they use our company’s employee names which is easily available on Linkedin. These folks are given attractive part-time and full-time jobs and urged to pay for them. We wish to stress that all such messages are false and unrelated to us.

To avoid recruiting fraud, remember these tips:

  1. Double-Check The Source: Always verify the source of employment offers and communications. ACG Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. would usually send formal emails from our official accounts.
  2. Check Our Official Channels: Our company’s website and Indeed employment portal will include legitimate job vacancies. No third-party agencies or recruiters help us recruit.
  3. Be Wary Of Unsolicited Messages: If you receive a job offer without applying, be wary. A formal application and interview process is typical for legitimate employment offers.
  4. Never Pay: ACG Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. does not demand candidates to pay for jobs. Please be aware of money requests—they may be scams.
  5. Report Suspicious Behaviour: Report any suspicious behaviour or unwanted employment offers from our organisation immediately. We take these issues seriously and will act to safeguard our brand and job seekers.

It’s sad that criminals utilise our company’s brand and reputation to defraud others. We want to inform our community that we are aggressively fighting fraud. We are actively identifying and reporting these frauds to authorities to protect our valued job seekers.

Our candidates’ safety is a top priority at ACG Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd. To be clear, we do not encourage recruitment operations that entail employment offers for cash. We advise job searchers to be cautious, verify employment offers, and report suspicious behaviour immediately.

Our open and ethical recruiting methods ensure fair and equal chances for all eligible candidates. Many thanks to our community for their ongoing assistance and awareness in fighting recruiting fraud.

Here are some screenshot of the similar scam emails, Whatsapp messages:









A guy reporting this to us via Linkedin

An user reporting this via Whatsapp